For decades, the Philippines has relied on global markets to meet the energy demand in the country. However, the persistent spate of brownouts over the years underscores the need for our country to be energy secure, energy self-sufficient, and energy independent.

Because of this urgent need, the PEIC aims to initiate public discourse and influence decision makers in the government to take steps towards securing a more energy independent Philippines. We envision a Philippines not laden with brownouts that threaten the sustainability of our cities, the efficiency of our businesses, and, ultimately, the global standing of our country in an increasingly competitive economic landscape.

The PEIC’s advocacy of energy independence hinges on three major objectives:

  1. To seek to address current and future energy reserve issues,
  2. To push for better alternative sources of energy, such as renewables and natural gas, and
  3. To synergize the government and the private sector to forge a path towards energy security and, eventually, energy independence for our country.