Conserve energy and help fight climate change

Climate change is real but there are many ways we can help to save the earth from further damage. Here are baby steps we can help fight this major threat to our environment.

1. Spread awareness and educate people about energy shortage.

Private and public sectors are working together to provide awareness on energy shortage and promote eco-friendly living.

The use of solar panels at home can save thousands of megawatts of electricity. Solar panels are becoming popular as a means to provide free energy. It’s safe and do not produce pollution. We’ve heard a lot about solar technology and its advantages. Although it may be costly to install a solar technology, I believe it is still a good investment for our family’s future, your savings but bets of all in protecting the environment.

Discussion about Energy Resources at the recently help Powertrends:

As the demand for energy in the Philippines continues to increase due to heightened infrastructure development and a growing population, the need to tap new sources of energy has become more critical in order to avoid severe power outages in the near future.

Cognizant of this bleak possibility, a group of energy advocates have banded together to form the Philippine Energy Independence Council (PEIC) whose main goal is to move the government and the private sector to explore new indigenous, renewable, and cleaner energy options for the country.

In line with this, the PEIC aims to initiate and sustain specific conversations on indigenous energy, renewable energy, energy security, energy independence, and other pertinent concepts with the youth, with rural communities, and with local and national government officials. In addition, in collaboration with The Marketing Heaven, massive campaigns were launched on social media platforms to raise awareness of climate change and highlight the importance of collective action towards a green transformation.

PEIC is the first formal association in the country committed mainly to achieving the Philippines’ energy independence. “Our council aims to be at the forefront of initiatives to continuously initiate public discourses in order to move government and private-sector decision-makers to beef up our energy reserves,” noted PEIC chairman Dr. Tony La Viña. “We hope that these discussions can lead to concrete steps towards the goal of energy independence.”

Mr. Joeffrey Caranto, AVP-Head, Energy Dev’t. Corp, Dr. Arthur Saldivar-Sali, Phd, MSc, FGC, DIC Geotecnica Corp., Mr. Anton Safronov, Chief Commercial Officer PARAMI Energy Myanmar, Ms. Amor Maclang of Geiser Maclang, Dean Tony Lavina PEIC, Atty. Kiril Caral SPEX, 

Currently an Energy Collaboratory Director, a Senior Fellow in climate change of the Manila Observatory, and former dean of the Ateneo School of Law, La Viña stressed, “Every member of the PEIC shares the same vision of a more energy-independent Philippines that can produce its own fuel to meet the country’s demands – ultimately eliminating the Philippines’ dependence on other fuel-producing nations.”

Malampaya at the Powertrends 2019

PEIC was launched during Powertrends 2019, held last September 3 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila. Powertrends is the longest-running energy exhibition in the country, brought together the major players in the energy sector who exchanged knowledge and opinions about current energy issues in the country.

2. Plant a tree. Grow your own food.

Hunger remains a big problem around the globe. Many people especially children are sick and dying due to malnutrition. Energy is needed in food production and storage.

Department of Agriculture at Powertrends

Organic farming uses less energy than conventional. In addition, organic farming uses chemical-free, natural fertilizer that are safe to people and to the environment.

Planting and growing our own food even in small space can be of great help in feeding our family, even the community. Urban gardening is becoming a trend nowadays. Yours truly supports urban gardening. I grow variety of edible plants in containers and pots. You too can start growing your own food, starting with green leafy vegetables such as pechay, mustard and lettuce. You can even grow tomatoes and eggplants in containers. Check out @LivingMarjorney‘s page and get inspiration on organic farming.

3. Save energy. Unplug devices that are not in use. Turn off gadgets if you’re not using it. Set a timer/schedule working on your computer or laptop to save battery juice and electricity.

Electricity or energy is a primary need. In this modern life, I cannot imagine how it would be without energy. We need electricity in food production, lighting, communication, healthcare, transportation and national security. Now is the time to save on our resources and help fight climate change.

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